Frozen Future Dystopia Now Hot In Hollywood

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It's the end of the world as we know it, and California has frozen over, even if Hell hasn't. That's the setup for North Wind, the latest comic book to be optioned by Hollywood producers, created by the writer of ABC's failed Traveler TV show. Find out what made this environmental disaster dystopia so attractive to the producers of I, Robot under the jump.


The series, created and written by screenwriter David DiGilio, takes place in a future frozen Los Angeles following environmental meltdown and centers around frostbitten citizens leading a revolution against the dictator who's taken over the city. The five issue series launched at the start of the year, and gained a certain amount of attention when publisher Boom! Studios then offered the comics for free on MySpace simultaneous to their paper release.

The movie rights have been purchased by Davis Entertainment, which seems to have a thing for genre projects - In addition to I, Robot, they're also the producers behind Aliens Vs. Predator and fantasy dragon porn Eragon. The movie will be co-produced by Boom!'s Ross Richie and Andrew Cosby.

Davis acquires 'North Wind' [Hollywood Reporter]


Chris Braak

@tetracycloide: Well, at least we'd know, on account of how glowing red is the universal sign for "Now, I'm evil!"

Maybe they can just use the same sets for this that they used for AvP.