Fujitsu A4 and A5 FLEPia: They Say Console Reader, we Say eBook

Two years ago, Fujitsu announced that it had come up with the world's first film substrate-based bendable color electronic paper featuring image memory function (snappy name, fellas). Well, now they've made something to put it in: The FLEPia (that's a bit better, but I'm still not convinced). it comes in two sizes, A4 (480 grams) and A5 (320 grams) and both are just 12mm thick.

It's easy to operate—put a 4GB memory card in the SD slot, and the content downloads as quick as you like thanks to its high-speed wireless LAN connection. There are six function buttons and a scroll key and, once charged, the battery goes for 50 hours. As well as the silver and, *cough*, pink pearl—which looks suspiciously like Zune pink to us—the FLEPia comes in white pearl. There's a couple of shots of the handy bendy filmy paper after the jump, plus how much the things cost.


Hang onto your huevitos lads, the sharp intake of breath may just be to much for them. Little FLEPia is a drop in the ocean at $12,685, while big one will choke ya at $21,137.

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