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The problem with our gadget fetish is that we tend to forget how much juice all these toys of ours actually suck up. It never really hits until the energy bill shows up, and then you feel like an idiot for leaving your 50-inch TV on 24/7 while keeping the living room warm using only space heaters.

Well, maybe if we knew what we were doing while we were doing it rather than after the fact it would be easier to practice some self-control. That's the idea behind these "Fused" plugs. They have a little digital display on them that shows just how much it would cost if you kept up the current level of consumption for a full year. Sure, that PS3 is fun, but when you realize it'll set you back an extra $20 a month it gets decidedly less fun.


It's just a concept at the moment, but it would be nice to see something like this actually get made.

Designer Page [via Yanko Design]

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