Futurama's seventh season may ret-con the series' saddest moment

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There's a hell of a lot for Futurama fans to get excited about in this three-minute premiere of the second half of the seventh season, debuting this summer on Comedy Central — a planet of apes, a Thing parody, tentacle-monster Leela, a war with a Cobra-esque evil organization, some mild robo-Satanism — but nothing, and I mean nothing, has me happier than that single shot of Fry playing with his dog Seymour. After the mind-shattering tragedy that was the "Jurassic Bark" episode, Seymour — and by extension every single person who wept hysterically while watching it — deserves a happy ending. And no, Clone Fry and Bender's Big Score don't count. I need real Fry, rescuing Seymour before he begins his fruitless, 12-year vigil. And some kind of scientific mumbo-jumbo explaining that the timeline where Seymour never reunited with Fry no longer exists would be nice, too.

[Via Vulture]

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