Future MacBooks Could Be Powered by Fuel Cells

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The latest patent application to come out of Cupertino could allow for new Macbooks that are slimmer, lighter, greener and could provide power for days without a charge. What's the magic ingredient? Fuel cells!

Dredged up by Apple Insider, Apple's patent indicates that hydrogen fuel cells would be used to send and receive power from a battery. But they also admit that developing a product which is small enough and cheap enough to be placed in one of their laptops will be a challenge. And oddly enough, they interject some opinions about the U.S.'s reliance on fossil fuels and alliances with unstable Middle Eastern governments. Not that I necessarily disagree, it's just strange to be reading that in a patent app.


IN ANY CASE, I want fuel cells in my laptop. I want them NOW. [Patent 1, 2 via AppleInsider via Ubergizmo]