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Gadget Gift Guide Round Up 2004

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So I've barely started shopping for Christmas yet, except for my baby brother, who is easy—robots, robots, guns, robots. But fortunately all those shopping guides from we hack writers are starting to hit the web, and rather than do our own Gizmodo recommendation list—which honestly would just be more of the same, although we'll definitely be pointing out a few things here and there—I thought it would be especially useful for us to round up some of the more comprehensive and more interesting Gift Guides on the informowebs.


I've got a few after the jump and I'll continue to add to them as I find them, but if you have any that you've found especially handy to have around, send them in!

Xmas Phones [TheTaoOfMac] A little Euro-centric, but lots of ideas.

Top 10 Home Theater Gifts for Mom [Hometheater.About]
Top 10 Home Theater Gifts for Dad [Hometheater.About] I dunno about 'for Mom or Dad' but these are solid lists of A/V equipment.


Ars holiday gift guide [ArsTechnia] Games, Gadgets, and PC Hardware. Nothing mind blowing, but a round sample.

Stocking stuffers bring seasonal cheer for under $50 [USAToday] As suggested by retail employees.

ExtremeTech Geek Gift Guide 2004! [ExtremeTech] Pretty standard, but it does include a suggested list of books. Geeks love books. Buy geeks books!

BUYING GUIDE: 2004 [PCMag] More high-level stuff from PCMeh, but they do have suggestions for 'Geek Grandmas' and the 'Person Who Has Everything.'


ThinkGeek's Gift Center [ThinkGeek] Okay, this is less a list and more of a 'buy our swag,' but the ThinkGeek crew are good people with generally good taste, so you rarely go wrong with their suggestions. They have breakdowns by price, too. Also, I stole one of their graphics.

Computer Shopper 2004 Product Guide [Shopper.Cnet] Organized by Photo, PC, and Gadgets.


CNet's Holiday Gift Guide 2004 Broken down by who you're buying for. Minus 3 points for use of term 'zany uncle.'

Gear Guide 2004 [MacWorld] It's not really just Mac stuff, either. Some cool ideas.


iPod Buyer's Guide 2004 [iPodLounge] I can't believe I spaced this one! This 4.5 meg PDF is worth the download for iPod lovers—it's got almost every single up-to-date iPod accessory inside you could possibly want. If you're buying for an iPod owner, grab it.

BMW Mini Holiday Gift Guide [MotoringFile] Another PDF, but another one that's worth it. Not everything in here is Mini exclusive—lots of good ideas for any car lover.


Deals on the Web Gift Index [DealsOnTheWeb] This one is interesting, as it's more of an live index of hot deals than suggestions, per se. I've never used this site before, but it looks promising.

Holiday Gift Guide [PlainSimple] As suggested by designers and bloggers. Never trust a blogger, I say, but there's some good stuff here—all over the board, too, including DVDs and tea and hammers in among the gadgetry.


Geek Guide [ForeverGeek] A little predictable, but broken down into some useful categories, like anime and books.

Cool Hunting Gift Guide [JoshRubin] This one is for pay—Josh is hoping you'll trust his impeccible sense of style enough to shell out $8 to see it. He let me in for free, so now I'm tainted. There's some good stuff in there for sure—not the gadgets, so much, but the design/fashion stuff is quite hot. If you like his taste, it's worth considering.


No More Socks [NewScientist] Comprehensive and organized by price and category. You can shop at their store, as well.

DESIGN 2004 Best Products of the Year [Fortune] A few stand out items, but a lot of the same, despite a focus on 'design.' Money is factor in selection, with a wide range.


The Circuits Holiday Buying Guide [NYTimes] Hey, it's pretty good! And I like their creepy elves.

Apple Gift List [Apple] Hey, all these suggestions are from Apple! I'd try the iPod Lounge guide first, but the iPod bundles are kind of cool.


Brian's Belly Xmas List [BriansBelly] A little Borscht Belt, as Choire might say, but there's a few occasional bits of inspiration. Definitely for the man in his castle.

Wired Tools 2004 [Wired] A great list, if I do say so myself, with lots of the same old, but definitely some ideas I haven't seen anywhere else.


iPod Gift Week [PlaylistMag] Another iPod list, but surprisingly different stuff from the others—the iPod is an industry unto itself.

A Gift Guide for Game Geeks [Wired] Lore's smart—don't buy them games, buy them peripherals. You're more likely to hit the target. Although, if you have to buy someone a game and have no idea what they like, buy them Katamari Damacy. Anyone that doesn't like that game has no soul.


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