A trio of ducted fans, a bunch of electronics, and a block of batteries were all that was needed to allow the robovac to effortlessly move from one level of a home to another. As an added bonus, the immense downdraft coming from the ducted fans while the bot is airborne also serves to blast dust off whatever surfaces it happens to fly over as the vacuum moves from floor to floor.


There are a few downsides to the upgrade. The web of wires and various components taped to the robovac look terrifyingly sketchy, and it’s not autonomous—you’ll need a skilled pilot at the controls of a wireless remote to help guide the robovac between floors. It also isn’t cheap. The three ducted fans alone cost around $200 on Amazon, plus there’s the added cost of all the electronics, batteries, and a hobby-grade remote. You’re better off just spending that money on a separate robot vacuum for every floor of your house and avoid the potential for catastrophic crashes altogether.