Illustration for article titled Gadget Use Compromises Your Security Says The Washington Post

The Washington Post is running a front page article today on the perils of letting gadgets take over your life. The article predicts doom and gloom for a society that has become too reliant on scary-sounding technologies like RFID, GPS and Google. Data mining companies will use your Amazon shopping habits to tailor products that you may want directly to you. Horrors!

The article, written by one Ellen Nakashima, does a good job of scaring the pants off its readers, but it really doesn't offer any sort of alternative. So cellphone towers can track our position even after a call has finished. Are we then supposed to stop using cellphone entirely? EZ Pass (or your state's equivalent automatic toll service) collects data on where you've been. Should we then wait in line for long periods of time because people cannot find correct change?


Gadgets are your friend. There's no need to be all Henny Penny about them. Which way to the iPhone (which surely must be Apple's tool to take over the world)?

Enjoying Technology's Conveniences But Not Escaping Its Watchful Eyes [Washington Post]

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