Gadgets Available Today

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Jabra and MSI kick off this week's round of gadget shipments. Jabra's dual-mic Halo Bluetooth headset can connect to two devices at once, and MSI's new ultrathin laptop comes with an external optical drive in the box.

• Jabra's super-slim Halo headset we first saw back in April is now shipping. The headset features dual mics and can connect to two devices simultaneously, so you can conceal the fact that you're actually wearing two Bluetooth headsets at once. The Halo is A2DP compliant and features both active noise canceling and a bass-enhancer mode, but the real defining characteristic here is the ability to double the amount of Bluetooth gear hanging off your head without anyone being the wiser. Ships today for $130. [iPod NN]


• MSI released the x600 notebook today. Even though MSI calls it a thin-and-light laptop, I'm not sure that description is entirely proper. At under 1" thick, the x600 may be thin, but at a relatively hefty 5.5 pounds it isn't exactly light. How it manages to pack so much mass into such a small frame is anyone's guess. Other than the strangely heavy weight, you'll find fairly standard ultrathin laptop specs. One interesting feature you don't see often is that MSI includes an external optical drive in the box. If thinness is the only part of a "thin-and-light" laptop that matters to you, or you appreciate having an external optical drive included with your notebook, then the x600 might be worth a look. Available today for $799. [Crave]