Blocking Game of Thrones Piracy Is Like Trying to Stop Winter Coming

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Game of Thrones’ piracy problem gets even worse, Makerbot tries to bring 3D printing to everyone, and the bezel-less OPPO R7 leaks (and it looks amazing). BitStream is the news and rumors you missed in the last 24 hours.


Everyone torrents Game of Thrones. You know it. I know it. HBO definitely knows it. In fact, HBO basically sends out cease and desist orders to any who DARES stream GoT without the company’s say so. But trying to stop Game of Thrones pirating is like trying to stop winter from coming. It’s coming. It’s inevitable, and new numbers from TorrentFreak prove it.

Mere hours before the show’s season 5 premiere, the first four episodes of the series leaked online. In seven days, those four episodes were downloaded 32 million times across 18 million IP addresses. And who exactly led that torrent frenzy? Well, the U.S., of course, who accounted for 10 percent of all downloads. That figure was double the amount of France who came in second.

HBO can keep sending all the cease and desist letters it wants, but it’s starting to feel like all that work is going to waste. [TorrentFreak]

Apps and Devices

  • Makerbot teams up with 3D Hubs so you can now print-on-demand through Thingiverse, its archive of 3D-printable creations. Not exactly new, but that doesn’t make it any less neat. [Makerbot]
  • Google’s new wireless service starts today. [The Wall Street Journal]
  • You can order stuff, call repairmen, and stream movies all through Amazon services...why not add travel planning to the list? Amazon Destinations offers travel and hotel service in the northeast, northwest, and southern California. [Wall Street Journal]
  • You can now control your PowerPoint from your wrist with Apple Watch. You know, if that’s something you’re into. [PowerPoint]


  • Samsung may remove its logo from all Galaxy S6s bound for Japan. Why? Because Japan hates Samsung’s guts, and this will supposedly make it all better. For some reason. [Patently Apple]
  • Last month, Elon Musk teased that Tesla would introduce some new tech that was not a car, dropped the mic, and said nothing else. Turns out a home battery and a utility scale battery may be Tesla’s new toys. [Buzzfeed]
  • A video leak gives us a damn good look at that bezel-deficient Oppo R7. [Trusted Reviews]

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I’m not proud to say it, but the only reason i watched those GoT leaked episodes was because i didn’t want gettin spoilered by some douchebag on social media... f$%# me right? *Stop the read the books bs*