Gardening Stool For Your Butt Anyone?

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The other day I was out in a garden helping someone plant a bunch of flowers and seeds. I was on my knees for a good hour and when I got up, my knees were hurting bad. Today I came across this insanely silly looking, but obviously useful garden stool that attatches to your butt. You strap it on, prepare to look rediculous, and now have a tail. But if you can get over that, you'll be gardening in comfort from now on. The stool has a pole with a spring on the bottom to allow you to just instantly plop down wherever and garden. If you have bad knees but like to do things like gardening that require you to be on them all the time, this stool is for you. $48.95 it will run you not including humility.

Wearable garden stool [Popgadget]


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