Gas Powered Battery Could Fuel Your Gadgets

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Your gadgets suck down serious energy. And you know what's a more energy dense source of power than a battery? Gasoline. Or Kerosine. Or pretty much any hydrocarbon. Which is why Clarian Labs came up with this gas-powered gadget charger.

The hybrid "battery" is actually wee rotary piston generator, originally developed for the Department of Defense Humanoid Robot Program. Fill it with pretty much any fuel, everything from gasoline, to natural gas, to biofuels or hydrogen, and the rotor assembly spins generating electrical power. It's kind of like like an old RX-7 for your gadgets. The initial prototype (pictured above) has a 5kW power output, but Clarian claims that its scalable design can power anything from, say, an iPhone all the way up to an electric vehicle.

[Clarian Labs via Wired]