Gasoline-Huffing Man Bursts Into Flame After Being Tased

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An Australian man burst into flames after a policeman hit him on the bridge of the nose with his Taser. Sound ridiculous? Not so much if you know the man was arrested on suspicion of huffing gasoline.

The man pretty immediately went up in flames, and the officer, recognizing that a man becomes significantly less dangerous once he's on fire, went to the suspect's aid, patting him all over (and getting burned himself) to quell the flames. While the officer tried to help the flammable man, he was hit by rocks thrown by a young woman also on the scene, also presumably high or stupid or both. Both the man and woman, as well as two others, were charged with sniffing a prohibited substance, and the young woman was charged with throwing rocks at a policeman. [Daily Telegraph]

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Sticks Calhoun

This reminds me of something I saw the other day.

I was at a restaurant across the street from a gas station and some guy pulled up and started filling up his gas tank while smoking.

I thought for sure an attendant would come out and start yelling at him, but it was one of those gas stations that just have a little hut in the middle for the employee and he either didn't see or didn't care.

The whole time he's filling the tank up I'm waiting for some awesome, Michael Bay-level explosions (and wondering if I should move away from the window), but the guy finishes, and puts the gasoline nozzle up.

Buuuuuut he must have splashed a bit of gas on his sleeve, and then a bit of ash from his cigarette fell on it or something, because his arm burst into flames! He started jumping and waving his arm all around (completely ignoring "Stop, drop and roll)!

And that's when the cops showed up, and arrested him. For waving a firearm.