Gates and Seinfeld to Answer Apple's PC vs Mac Ads

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Microsoft is going to start a new $300 million advertising blitz to try to regain some of the street credibility they have been losing over all these years. The campaign is built around the idea that "Windows breaks down barriers that prevent people and ideas from connecting." Sounds like corporate PR-puffing, but there's a twist: it will star Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld. Seinfeld will get $10 million to star in the presumably funny commercials, which is quite a good chunk of cash compared to the low fare that John Hodgman (Mr. PC) and Justin Long (Mr. Please someone slap that guy) must be getting for their long series of TV, internet and print ads. Let's hope they are better than the Apple ones. Somehow, I feel a connection happening between Jerry and Bill. And perhaps a romantic comedy on the wings. [WSJ]



@Aristeia: It's strange though. Most of the people who I've seen get Macs don't see many of the commercials, though they may have caught one every now and then, and didn't really base their purchase on whatever potshot they were making at Windows. Perhaps the commercials are affecting people this way and I just haven't encountered it, but I find that it's been more like word-of-mouth and being impressed with someone's laptop or iMac that get people to get one. After I bought a few Macs, a lot of my relatives have been getting them based on my recommendation, not whatever it is the commercials are saying.