Gawker Media (publisher of,,,,,,, and is looking for a corporate intern. You will have to share a Glock.

Update: We've been flooded! Hold off sending in any more emails for now.

The ideal candidate will be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed as s/he bounces out of bed each day just dying to help oil the wheels of the creaky machine whilst learning the ancient art of blog publishing. The best candidate will be techno-savvy: able and willing to learn about software applications as necessary, and, at the very least, totally web-savvy, s/he will be able to negotiate the autobahn of cyberspace at great speed, with dexterity, imagination and intuition. We expect this means a student who doesn't drink and designs computer games in his sleep.


Sweat-shop duties will include web research for special projects, assisting with ecommerce operations, some number-crunching, and other random stuff that comes up that makes sense for the Intern to do.

Note, this is not a writing or editorial internship: you will be working alongside the GM crops management team.


A modest stipend - more than child labor rates in India, less than the Apprentice s salary, probably just enough to keep you in beer and cigarettes will be given according to the number of hours per week you can commit to on an ongoing basis.

If you are interested, please contact giving a brief description of yourself, your skills and why on earth you want us to exploit you. Please do NOT include a full resume or any attachments: emails with attachments will be 100% ignored, even if you are Tina Brown herself.

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