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Geek-Out the Kiddos Early with Snap Circuits

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Want to ensure your children will never become a booze-chugging floozy-banging meathead jock? Start them out early on the path to geekdom with the Snap Circuits. Snap Circuits teaches kids all of the ins and outs of circuits without the need of a soldering iron. Some of the basic projects include radios, digital voice recorders and more.


Snap Circuits are available in a range of sizes with prices beginning $30. A small price to pay for the innocence of your first-born.

Product Page [Via OhGizmo!]

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This reminds me of those 150-in-1 electronic kits that Radio Shack used to sell a quarter decade ago. (I assume they stopped selling them, but maybe they have not?) Oh, I miss the little yellow, green, and red wires connecting to the mini-springs. Ah, the memories.

Things like this are why it is great to be a parent. You get to purchase whatever you want to play with yourself and give it as a gift to your children.