Gender-Reveal Plane Crash Is Perfect Metaphor for Gender-Reveal Parties

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The increasingly popular ritual that celebrates the misguided notion of the concept of gender continues to get dumber as expecting parents find new ways to risk lives and destroy property while telling their loved ones the gender they intend to assign their children upon birth.

One of the latest gender-reveal catastrophes occurred on September 7 in Turkey, Texas, according to a recent National Transportation Safety (NTSB) report shared by NBC’s Austin affiliate.

Pilot Raj Horan’s plan was to fly his 2013 AT-602 Air Tractor at a low altitude and drop 350 gallons of pink water. Horan told NTSB that right after dumping the water, the aircraft started to stall then lost altitude and plummeted to the ground.


Jenna Karvunidis is often credited with creating the gender-reveal party after she cut into a pink cake in 2008. Earlier this year, Karvunidis posted on Facebook that her views on gender have changed since her child started wearing suits and bending gender “norms.”

Since Karvunidis posted that cake on her blog just over a decade ago, gender-revealers have gotten more creative and more idiotic.

For instance, in 2017, alligator handler T-Mike Klieber put a blue-goop-filled watermelon in an alligator’s mouth for a Louisiana gender-reveal party.

Last year, a border agent used a firearm to detonate an explosive in a “gender reveal” that started 47,000-acre wildfire in Arizona. And last month, there were two separate gender-reveal explosions in Iowa just a day apart from each other. In one incident, a store-bought kit exploded and possibly broke a neighbor’s window. A day earlier a homemade pipe bomb that was supposed to shoot out colored powder exploded and killed someone.


Fortunately, no one died in the gender-reveal plane wreck. According to the report, Horan was not injured, but a passenger in the single-seater aircraft sustained minor injuries.

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These gender reveals annoy me as much as the next person, but isn’t this just a standard airplane mechanical failure that happened to occur during the reveal? Seems like the plane would have just stalled and crashed anyway when it was being used for work if the party didn’t happen.

Kind of like saying a car breaking down while playing annoying music broke down because it was playing annoying music.