General Dynamics Itronix XR-1: Notebook for Guerillas and Gorillas

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If you're really rough on your laptop, you might consider a General Dynamics Itronix XR-1 Rugged Notebook, the smallest and lightest the company has made yet. If you're not familiar with General Dynamics, its a supplier of lots of weapons and high-tech devices to the military, many of which can't even be whispered about. So the word "rugged" to General Dynamics must mean "drop from an airplane and keeps on ticking."


So what is "ruggedized," anyway? The 6.8-pound XR-1 meets military standards for drop/shock and vibration, and is also watertight and dustproof. Its keyboard can withstand liquids and abrasive dust and dirt particles, too. It can even be submerged, scrubbed and bleached after it's been exposed to toxic substances. That's tough.

It's not messing around in the power department, either, with an Intel Core Duo 1.83GHz processor and 80MB 5400RPM SATA drive along with optional fully-integrated GPS. You'll have to pay dearly for all this protection and power, though—prices start at $4330. Available in September.

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I would find it truly hilarious if it actually only had an 80mb hard drive.

I guess you have to cut corners somewhere!