Genibo: Aibo Knockoff Coming

For those Aibo fanboys still weeping over the discontinuance of the object of their techno-affection, in prances Korean company Dasastech with Genibo, the robot dog that comes when you call and never shits on the floor.

We saw a video of this robot puppy a few months back that was accompanied with little other information, but now we find out this robo-pooch picks up where Aibo left off with similar capabilities. For instance, it can sense when you pat him on the back or head because of those touch sensors located there, and understands a hundred of your commands, too.


Train Genibo to walk over to you and recite phone numbers or your schedule, or you can train him to tell you to go to hell if you want to. Or just enlist your kids to do those things for you for free. No pricing or in availability information was revealed yet.

Cute pet robot 'Genibo' []

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