Illustration for article titled Genius DX-ECO Mouse Ditches a Heavy Battery For a Fast Charging Capacitor

Nobody wants to use a wired mouse anymore, but the tradeoff is the added weight of a battery needed to power their wireless functionality. Not so with Genius' new DX-ECO mouse, which uses a lightweight capacitor instead.


It won't give you quite the same wrist workout throughout the day, but its built-in "gold capacitor" can be fully recharged in just three minutes. That's barely enough time to even find a video to watch online while you wait. The capacitor is also good for up to 100,000 charges during the mouse's lifespan.

The DX-ECO uses a blue optical sensor for accurate surface tracking, which can be switched between 800 and 1600 dpi sensitivities for work or gaming use. It's also got a "flying scroll" button for quickly navigating large documents, dedicated forward and back buttons, a 2.4GHz wireless dongle, and is available now for a mere $40. [Genius via Ubergizmo]

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