Genius Vented Candleholder Provides Easy Access For a Lit Match

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Since your fancy gooseneck lighter always seems to be out of fuel, you might want to pick up a set of these vented tea light holders which are a stroke of genius. They feature a slit down the side that lets you easily light a candle with even the shortest of matches, reducing those burns that have become a holiday tradition for me.


Created by Form Us With Love, the Match Candleholders are fortunately actually available from Design Within Reach in green, blue, purple, and grey. But unfortunately, a set of four will set you back a whopping $75. So with an ever growing credit card bill around Christmas time, I think I'm going to stick with bandaged fingertips and an extra $75 in my pocket this year. [Match Candleholder via BLTD]


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I'm somewhat of a candle fanatic (got a nice Bath and Body Works one going right now), and I don't really see the point of this. Grill lighters are like 8 bucks for a pack of 4, last for a long time, and avoid all of this problem beautifully.

But if you MUST use a match and the holder is too narrow to avoid burning yourself, just hold the match with a pair of needle-nose pliers... it's cheap and easy.