Geode Plug-In Makes Firefox Location-Aware

Illustration for article titled Geode Plug-In Makes Firefox Location-Aware

Mozilla Labs has unveiled Geode—a plugin that will take advantage of the W3C Geolocation Spec in Firefox 3.1. The plan is to make the browser location-aware so that somewhere down the line, you could visit a site like Yelp on your laptop in a strange town and it will automatically find your location and offer nearby restaurant suggestions and directions. Mozilla also offered other possible examples like: RSS readers that adjust based on whether or not your are at work or at home, location-restricted logins and websites that deliver news based on your physical location. Obviously, most of the sites on the web are not currently compatible with Geode, but it is easy to see how something like this could really change the way you surf the web on your laptop—much like the iPhone has with handsets. In the meantime, a preview version is available to Firefox 3 users starting today—so you can kick the tires on it a bit before it is fully integrated into 3.1. [Mozilla Labs via Lifehacker]

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medopal, medohack

Mozilla labs lead the innovation again.

But wont it be limited to places where wi-fi networks exist? not the whole world is covered with wi-fi

If not, can u plz add an option -for the rest of us- like

"Please enter your address exactly" at the first time you open Firefox.

BTW, guess what new features Microsoft will add to the upcoming IE8.

Geode Locating? Not exactly.

It will be called, Microsoft Windows Live Ultimate Locating Service.

Mozilla, u r upgrading the meaning of the web, literally. Keep up.