Get Lost Inside This Seriously Hypnotic Spinning Clay Art

I cannot stop watching intricate patterns emerge like magic from the hands of Russian potter Mikhail Sadovnikov. How does he draw such incredible things over and over again from just a little bit of clay and a potter's wheel? Watch the whole mesmerizing 15 minutes. You can also check out more of Sadovnikov's work. [Colossal]


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As a ceramicist, I can confirm that the hypnotic effect can happen to you even as you're throwing. If you get to the point where you don't have to think about it, it's so relaxing.

Unfortunately, it happens a lot more when you're watching someone else work on the wheel. I've had times where my professor gives a demo and at the end of it I'm like, "Ah... Shit. I have no idea what just happened. There was a lump of clay and now there's a twelve inch pot. How the fuck did he do that?"

This looks like an excellent technique for surface decoration, to be honest.