Get the Entire Story Behind Helvetica, Objectified and Urbanized

Have you seen Helvetica, the documentary about typography? Or maybe Objectified, the doc that tackled design? And what about Urbanized, which dug into the design of cities? You probably have. If you haven't, few documentary series capture things Gizmodo cares about more than Gary Hustwit's Design Trilogy. Watch them.

But as with any film, there's always so much more than what was shown on the silver screen. Things get edited down for time, interviews get cut for the narrative and the film ends up being an artistic sliver of the mountain of information collected. Well, if you want more of Helvetica, Objectified or Urbanized, you can get it.


Gary Hustwit is currently starting a Kickstarter campaign to release a book that contains transcripts of all the interviews made during the documentaries. Hustwit estimates that watching his films only shows you 3% of the conversations recorded. There are almost 100 hours of unpublished interviews transcribed in the book.

Here's the Kickstarter page for the book.


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