Get the Wall Street Journal Free on Your BlackBerry, Even If You Aren't Gordon Gekko

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I only read two sections of the WSJ, partly because it's behind a pay wall, though there are ways around it. Their new Mobile Reader for BlackBerry drops the entire paper for free, constantly updated, right to your phone in an interface that actually works. Silicon Alley Insider says it's the best newspaper app for any phone yet. Click the headline once and you see a paragraph summary-click again to read the whole article, which only takes 10 secs to load on EDGE. And you can save stories for subway or air reading. No word on an iPhone version specifically, but the Journal told us that the reader is "currently in development" for "other smartphone platforms." It makes sense to hit BlackBerry first since that's what the suit-and-tie, richer-than-you crowd-the WSJ's audience-are toting by and large. If you've got a BlackBerry, there's no reason to not grab this. If you don't read the Journal, try it, it'll make you smarter (maybe not the editorial pages, but the rest of it will). [WSJ via Silicon Alley Insider]

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When I am sitting around with a few minutes to kill, there is nothing better than browsing to the Wall Street Journal on my BlackBerry to read about all of the exciting financial news happening in the world.

[Please insert level of sarcasm to your taste.]