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Get Unwired and Unload

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This is the holiday season. Tech industry news is just about dead this week, and we're seeing a serious lack of cool widgets and wadgets out there. To prove this, we found a story from the Agence France-Presse which states, in no uncertain terms, that we 'Mericans like to do it in the can. By "do it" we mean surf the Interweb and by "can" we mean the shitter. There is so little news out there that the world is focused on our Internet excretory habits.


A quote from the story? Why sure, partner!

"Over half of those who used Wi-fi had used it in the bathroom," said Cole, remarking that he believed some people in busy homes retreated there for some privacy.

"It wasn't for comic relief — it was a genuine finding," he said, referring to the survey during an advance briefing to amused US congressional staffers.


I'll admit I've partaken in a little porcelain surfing in my day, but tell me, readers, is this a common habit? Please comment.

Logging on, on the John - Net follows Americans everywhere [HindustanTimes via TechDirt]

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