Get Your Life In Order, Become a Bug, and Solve Puzzles with Your Own Creations

Getting stuff done is easy when you have three things to do. When that number hits about 25, it gets a bit more difficult to remember when and where you're supposed to be. We can help you save a little cash while getting your life in order. And while you're at it, add some time to play a puzzle game and pretend to be a bug. All work and no play...


2Do: Tasks Done in Style - $3

Whether you're in the market for a simple checklist, or you new to go all project manager on the app, 2Do: Tasks Done in Style can handle it. Let's just forget about the awkward name. The app can sync tasks over the air with pretty much all the major syncing services, it has tabbed calendars and folders, and you can use Siri to add reminders. Dropped from $7 to $3.

Scribblenauts Remix - $3

If you haven't heard of Scribblenauts yet, I'm concerned that you might not even have an iPhone. Instead of scanning the screen for tools to help you solve a puzzle, you write in what you need to solve the puzzle and it appears. The game ships with 50 levels so you'll be typing in random words for at least a few hours. Just try to keep it G-rated. Dropped from $5 to $3.


Beyond Ynth - $1

Bugs are either pests that infest your home and destroy all your food and wood paneling, or they're cute little protagonists that need your help. Fortunately, your home and food are safe. Beyond Ynth is the adventure of a bug named Kribl. Seriously, where do they get these names? Anywho, you'll get 15 hours of platforming fun according to the developer. That works out to about 6.6¢ an hour. Dropped from $2 to $1.


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