When you get swallowed by the waves of the biggest sea monster in the world (also known as the wonderful ocean), there's not much you can do but protect your head and hope you know which way is up. It's like being trapped inside a water tornado. This footage, captured by pro surfer Mark Healey, shows the exact feeling of getting hit by a gigantic wave. It's a brutal spin.

Transworld Surf posted the video which was filmed off a GoPro attached to Healey's surfboard at the 2014 Mavericks Invitational. It starts off with Healey paddling around until he sees a wave breaking too late. Healey jumps off his board while the wave puts the board into a vicious spin cycle where you lose track of all direction. After the board comes up, Healey tracks it down only to be smacked by a wave again. It's dizzying but gnarly to be at the mercy of Mother Nature.

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