Giant Gas-Powered Vortex Cannon Destroying Shed Filmed at 1300fps

This is what happens when you build an extremely powerful vortex cannon, loaded with "one of the most dangerous gas mixes in the world," to fire it against houses made of straw, sticks, and bricks, like the big bad wolf.


Looking at the video—filmed at 1300 frames per second—it seems like the big bad wolf would have had a chance against the three little pigs, and eat the suckers roasted in a wood brick oven, with just salt and a bit of water. If the third pig didn't use cement, that is.

Otherwise, the 200mph cloud—which is formed by the pressure inside the air vortex condensing the water above the lake—seems powerful enough to knock down a man. Certainly more powerful than the candle cannon. [BBC YouTube Channel via Makezine]


Arggh! there goes a...snake a snake!

This is simply amazing looking. and its interesting that there's very little recoil in the gun as well. I really enjoy high speed cameras.

On that note, I know that a select few digital cameras currently have the ability to do 1200 fps shots. Is the technology still too new to get one of these and play around with it or do they actually produce relatively decent results (especially at higher frame rates?)