Giant Paper Boat Made from Tetrabriks, Allows Real Sailors on Board

Artist Frank Boelter has constructed a 9-metre paper boat from the stuff used to make Tetrabrik packs and is sailing it up the Elbe. The 37-year old artist came up with the idea one breakfast time, while he was sitting at his kitchen table fiddling with an empty milk carton, which he cut up and made into a scaled-down model. See how they built it after the jump.


A 1884-sq ft sheet of Tetrapak was folded to make the boat, which is almost 30 feet long and weighs 55 pounds. Named "Bis Ans Ende der Welt" or Until The End Of The World, the $217 boat took just two hours to construct, and Frank reckons it will survive forty days (and, I assume, forty nights) before it disintegrates into a soggy mass of sinkability. I wonder if he'll do a paper airplane next? [Spluch and Abendblatt through Google Translate]

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