From the land of Godzilla comes word of Gigabyte's latest all-in-one cellphone, the g-YoYo. Now, I don't know if the name is supposed to be some sort of play on words vis-à-vis the hip hop culture, but it certainly is an attention getter, for better or worse. Just like every other all-in-one cellphone, the g-YoYo tries to pack in nearly every function you could ever ask for in its diminutive shell. There's a two megapixel camera—as noted by the hulking "2M" near the lense—and the phone doubles an an MP3 player. Additionally, the g-yoyo throws in GPS for good measure, ensuring that you'll never get lost while listening to Winger and calling your homies.

The 176 x 220-pixel color display shows off all those cool games you're likely to play. Of course, as with many things from Japan, there's no information as of yet relating to price or availability.


g-YoYo [PhoneDaily via Akihabara News]

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