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Give Your Flip Cup Game the Classy Table It Deserves

Illustration for article titled Give Your Flip Cup Game the Classy Table It Deserves

In college I was very familiar with card tables. But only for beer pong. Those were ugly, alcohol-soaked frat house fixtures that weren't exactly sanitary, but worked just fine for drinking games. Fast-forward to the present, when that's not exactly the kind of furniture I want to put out for company—something more sophisticated like this expandable piece is a much better fit.


It's made of light aluminum and it adjusts to accomodate up to six people. It collapses into three pieces for easy storage, and it weighs just about four pounds. Though it's not any fancy dining table, it's definitely appropriate for your next BBQ, or whatever outdoor shindig you have planned for the summer. The best part? It still works for a game of beer pong. [Hammacher]

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In all seriousness, wouldn't it make more sense to flip cups on a flat table? Won't cup lips get caught in between the slats?