Give Your Kid the Laser Tripwire He Always Wanted

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Jakks Pacific's SpyNet line of toys, comprising functioning audio bugs, night vision googles, and video-recording spy watches, are that rare breed of toy that might be just as fun for the parent as they are for the kid. The new SpyNet Laser Tripwire, which creates a working, extendable tripwire for just $25, is no exception.

At some point in every good spy movie, there's a laser tripwire that has to be navigated. My favorite is Catherine Zeta Jones snaking herself through one in that movie with Sean Connery. But I digress! The SpyNet Laser Tripwire set, which includes two coffee mug-sized end units and a mirror for redirecting the laser beam, creates a real, working laser tripwire suitable for protecting any burgeoning spy's secret headquarters. Just arm the laser and use the mirror to redirect the beam into the other end unit. When the beam is broken an alarm will sound.


Additional mirror units (or just any old compact mirror you might have around the house) can extend the tripwire down the hall or around corners; for $25 it will undoubtedly be a must-have for your James Bond Jr. [SpyNet]

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