Giz Explains: Vizio's Latest HDTV Models

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Vizio's got almost 30 TVs on the world, with many of them so similar to the others that you can't tell the difference. Here's how you should view them:

VP504F-50 1080p Plasma. It's got Silicon Optix HQV Processing for better images than most higher-priced sets.
SV42LF-42 and SV47LF-47 has 120Hz, 1080p, Anti-Judder, and a side HD Game Port. Great for movie watchers (thanks to 120Hz refresh) and gamers.
Jive Dolby Digital 5.1 Audio Kit. Adds onto many of their sets (including SV42LF and SV47LF) to give you an all-in-one entertainment system.
Plasma line: 1080p and 720p sets.
• LCD line: 1080p and 720p sets, with the Envy line looking slightly fancier than the Evolution series. Then there's the VW series that's sold at Wal-mart.

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Buyer beware with Vizio. I bought a 32" LCD in December. It failed on the 93rd day. It took one month of dealing with Vizio to get them to do anything about the warranty ("lost files" "lost cases" and many other run-arounds designed to discourage me). Finally they decided I needed a replacement (twice they had me email pics of the screen). The upshot of all this hassle: I pay to send them this defective TV back, then they eventually send out a replacement. So Vizio service means:

1) Long waits for customer service, then lots of dodges and run-arounds.

2) Large expense to send them their defective TV.

3) Long period with no TV.

Yes they are cheap but you pay for it in the end (!).