Gizmodo Foe Jim Goldman Majored In Journalism Ethics

Did you know old Gizmodo c-grade foe and former CNBC Silicon Valley Bureau Chief Jim Goldman moved from journalism to PR a while ago? And did you know he's been implicated in a smear campaign against Google on Facebook's behalf? You may. But you probably didn't know that Goldman majored in "Ethics in Political Journalism and Political Philosophy", according to a tipster who found this page and this one and this one.

I don't know. From my box seats—in the gutter—that appears to be quite a high horse he was riding on. No, wait, that's a giraffe. Man, you could really get hurt playing on that thing. [Thanks Tipster XThroat]



I am part of a grant team that trains incoming graduate students nationally for NIH and NSF in research ethics and can tell you it doesn't surprise me at all that the very person who majored in Ethics is unethical. The entire first half of our training is basically convincing the graduate students that they aren't above making unethical decisions simply because they are "special" graduate students.

People consistently distort their reality to rationalize why what they are doing is correct or even ethical.