Gizmodo Frankenreview: TomTom One

The TomTom One is a car GPS small enough to fit in a largish pocket. We gathered the review scores from across the net, crunched them into a gazillion bacon-bits using the Gizmodo supercomputer and put them into a chart: as the awesome CGI indicates, the TomTom One is a stellar GPS navigator for its price. We apologize for any server lagging this may have caused. After the jump, see every picture we could find of the TomTom one, and read our Frankenreview patched together from the best parts of PCworld, PC Mag, CNet, and T3's writeups. (We read, so you don't have to.)


Frankenreviewer says:

-"The TomTom One features a supersleek design"
-" fits unobtrusively in your pants pocket"
-But what if we could use a little extra down there?
-" might expect certain corners to have been cut. You'd be wrong."
-"...all the maps of the United States and Canada are preloaded on the included 1GB SD card"
-"...packed with customization and other options..."
-True, though no text-to-voice function is sort of a biggie.
-"...took just a few seconds to calculate my test routes..."
"It even knew when to avoid major arteries in the city, choosing faster alternatives on surface streets by default."
"...keeps track of your position in conditions where earlier-generation receivers would have lost signal completely."
Like when you are really lost? Tom Hanks making out with a volleyball lost?
-" You can even get bicycle and walking routes."
That's a great tourist feature. Cities should rent them.
-"...a simple solution for getting from point A to point B."
-"...portable enough, accurate enough, easy enough, customizable enough, and—most important—cheap enough..."

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