Gizmodo Jobs: Asia/AU/EU Writers, Freelancers and Super Spies

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Hey there. Gizmodo is hiring, and I thought I'd put another feeler out for applicants, along with more detail on what we're looking for. Maybe you can help me take Gizmodo to the next level.


Asia/AU/EU Writers:
-Must have tech journalism (not manuals for xerox machines) experience on blogs, newspapers or magazines and a body of originally reported work. We're open to part and full time work. Email with "Gizmodo Night Writer" in the subject line.

NY Reporter:
-The ideal candidate has news and magazine type (narrative, color) experience. Tech knowledge is important but more important is a few years experience as a journalist reporting and writing professionally. Bonus points if you've broken news that has received national attention, and believe that scoops don't always come from PR folks. Email blam at, wilson at and Jchen at with "NY reporter" in the subject line.


-I'm accepting strong pitches for narrative tech stories from writers. Email blam at and wilson at with "Pitch: [Subject]" in the subject line, with your actual story that you're pitching as the subject. And include your background/experience in brief, too.

Super Spies:
-If you've got information or photos of new devices (interesting ones, not run of the mill laptops or cellphones) we can't pay you for that data. What we can do is give you an anonymous byline like "Sushi X" or "Grandmaster gadget spy" and pay you as we would any writer with a scoop. Please email jchen at

-We need someone to massage our sore necks, Fedex gadgets and spot stories for us. All the sordid details are here.


Gizmodo's grown a lot in the last few years, but the help of a few more good people will help the site even more.

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So....can I be a EU or Asia or NY reporter and live in Wisconsin, never traveling to these locations unless Giz pays me to?

I can write gooder than any one else, and, I can pretend to be wherever you need me to be.