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In an effort to make sure we've got the best talent for our positions, we're putting out a general call for applications. Read on, my friends, because this may be your ticket to working at Gizmodo. We're going to take applications for all positions, from intern all the way up to [any job except mine you bastards]. Send in your application and resume (no attachments please) to with your job title in the subject line. Applicable titles are: • Intern (NYC and SF area only) • Copy Editor • Editorial Assistant (some experience needed, NYC and SF area only) • Contributing Editor (experience needed) • Associate Editor (experience needed) • Senior Associate Editor (mucho editorial experience needed if you're going to apply for this, but go for it if this is you) All positions have the same base requirements that you've got a passion for gadgets and technology, a desire to be self-motivated and would love to work at Gizmodo more than any other job out there. Of course, each position has its own requirements, and we'll evaluate accordingly. Get your foot in the door!


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