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Gizmodo Night Writer Wanted

Illustration for article titled Gizmodo Night Writer Wanted

Hello! Gizmodo is hiring a night person or Asia/Australia writer. Think that's you? Read on to find out what we're looking for.


We want someone with tech journalism (not manuals for Xerox machines) experience on blogs, newspapers or magazines. We're open to part and full time work. The hours we need are starting around dinner ET, going until midnight or later—again, ET. So you can either be a night person in the US, or work from Asia or Australia. You tell us if that matches your schedule.

Email with "Gizmodo Night Writer" in the subject line if you meet our qualifications explaining to us why you're perfect for the job, and also a bit about yourself so we know you're not a crazy person.

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Instead of a few corporate big-wigs picking someone based on their "credentials" why don't we put a vote to the people? Let's let the readers decide.

All who want Ding-Dang to be a staff writer, please reply now.



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