Gizmodo Officially Not Being Charged in iPhone 4 Case

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The District Attorney of San Mateo County is moving forward in the case of the iPhone 4 prototype we posted about last year. Fortunately, nobody from our team is being charged.


Here's our parent company, Gawker Media's official statement on the matter:

We are pleased that the District Attorney of San Mateo County, Steven Wagstaffe, has decided, upon review of all of the evidence, that no crime was committed by the Gizmodo team in relation to its reporting on the iPhone 4 prototype last year. While we have always believed that we were acting fully within the law, it has inevitably been stressful for the editor concerned, Jason Chen, and we are glad that we can finally put this matter behind us.

And here's the DA's official statement:


A question to some of the more legaally astute commenters here: If, rather than outright selling the prototype the guys who'd found this had just charged for acccess but retained possession of the phone while still trying to return it to the rightful owners would they have been exposed to criminal charges is this way?