Gizmodo Reader Correspondent Reporting Live from Austin City Limits 2011

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RadioShack hooked a Gizmodo reader up with a free trip to Austin this past weekend to take in the sights and sounds of Austin City Limits. Reader Breanne was chosen to rep Gizmodo and below are a series of missives from the field that were filed using an assortment of incredible gadgets supplied by RadioShack.


Day One

Breanne kicked off her ACL experience by seeing her fave band Asleep at the Wheel. Then, she bought some t-shirts and signed up for a bone marrow registry. Why not? Then she took in Delta Spirit, Foster the People, and enjoyed the lasers provided by Coldplay's stage crew. Read her Day One recap here.


Day Two

Despite the rain, this was the best day ever, because Breanne and festival accomplice Paige ran into ACL legend ACL Mike, and the got to see another legend: Stevie Wonder. They also made a dude dance for a 3-day fest pass, which was fun. Read their Day Two recap here.

Day Three

Slathered with sunscreen, Breanne and Paige checked out Broken Social Scene, Fleet Foxes, Social Distortion, and Arcade Fire. ACL Mike found Paige again and offered his tips for maximum ACL enjoyment. Read their Day Three recap here.


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