Gizmodo Reader of the Year: David Bacio

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Our official Gizmodo Reader of the Year for 2007 is David Bacio, also known as Deputy Sheriff David Bacio. He was one of the runners-up in the Inappropriate Gizmodo Browsing contest, submitting a picture of himself in front of a computer reading Gizmodo while at the station. So why is he the reader of the year? Because some douchebag called up his Sheriff, made a complaint, which ended up in a punishment for him just for being a loyal Giz reader.


In the end, David was determined (by the Sheriff's department) to have violated county internet policy and the code of conduct. He was also removed from his position, docked pay, and has a written reprimand that will stay in his file for three years. And for what? Taking an innocent picture of himself in front of a computer while on the job—an act that takes less time than going to the bathroom or taking a quick coffee break. We salute you, David, for being a loyal Gizmodo reader even despite the crap we got you into with the contest.

And here's to our worst Gizmodo reader of the year, the asshole who called up David's boss to complain. Please escort yourself out. Seriously. We don't want you here.


Since we can not know who is responsible for the douchebaggery that has happened to David, I say, Giz should lower the ban hammer on Mr. Chen. Why? Because he gets to pants all sorts of gadgets, but then makes others touch them.