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It's a sad day for Gizmodo as long time editor and writer extraordinaire Charlie White leaves us for greener pastures and juicier teats. Always the consummate worker, Chazz was able to turn out quality posts day after day after day, each loaded with the insight and humor that could only come from being in the business for 87 years (or so we estimate—there were no computers to keep track of stuff back when he started). Not only was the man talented, he was extremely supportive as well, helping you develop and nurture ideas not because he had to, but because he wanted you to succeed.

It's thanks to Charlie and Travis's guidance and support I was able transition onto the Gizmodo staff quite quickly and easily all those years ago. And with Charlie's departure, I'm now the holder of the title of "Guy Who's Been At Gizmodo the Longest"; something I'd happily give up to have either of these guys back again.


Here's an example of why Charlie was an extremely valuable member of the team. At CES, two years ago, Mark and I were eyeing this extremely beautiful lady at some bar. Charlie sees this, and the three of us were all quite tipsy, Chuck had the providence to say "guys, you don't want to do that, trust me on this." Several trips to the clinic later, we wish we had.

All of us at the Giz wish Chuck a bright and successful future wherever he's going (although he doesn't need our help—he's already super successful already). Good bye and good luck Charlie!

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