Gloves off At Blu-Ray Camp

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Ah, the quibbling of media giants. Sort of fun to watch. And now the Blu-Ray backers have fired back at Microsoft and Intel for the reasons the companies gave earlier this week for backing HD DVD. From capacity to managed copy support, the Blu-Ray Disc Association group has said that there have been inaccuracies on all kinds of issues—and they want their toys back! Jordi Ribas, director of technical strategy for the Windows Digital Media Division, was quoted as saying that, "Microsoft's decision to back HD DVD was based on how the competing specifications look today, and not on claims about what may or may not be available in the future."

Yesterday, however, Blu-Ray has said that they will launch at 50GB (a lead over HD DVDs 30GB capacity) and that they will launch with a hybrid disc that can play Blu-Ray as well as existing DVDs. Though JVC has demoed a disc like this, there doesn't seem to be an established manufacturing process just yet.


So basically, we're arguing about two technologies that haven't been launched or completely finished yet. Great. I'm sure we'll get some sort of response from HD-DVD soon, so stay tuned.

Blu-ray fires back at HD DVD camp, Microsoft responds [Ars Technica]

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