Glowing Apple Logo iPhone Mod Will Soon Be Gone (The Lawyers Are Circling)

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Perhaps realizing that Apple will quickly put an end to this unofficial mod, the K.O. Store is only selling this DIY luminescent logo iPhone kit for just over 36 more hours. So if you want one, you better act fast.

The $43 kit only requires your skillful use of screwdrivers, sticky tape, and a willingness to open your iPhone 4/4S and void its warranty. For just five minutes of hard work you'll be rewarded with a glowing Apple logo on the back of your phone, just like on a MacBook.

The mod doesn't hinder the operation of the iPhone or change its dimensions in any way, so it's still compatible with all cases and accessories. And the hit on your battery life should be minimal. It's probably not recommended for those completely inexperienced with tinkering, but even novice hardware hackers should have a good chance at successfully puling it off. [K.O Store via M.I.C Gadget]