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Glowing Sticks and Long Exposures Turn Drumming Into a Visual Feast

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

It can be mesmerizing watching a talented drummer beat away on a set of skins, but even more so when they're sitting in the middle of a long-exposure camera rig with a pair of glowing drumsticks in hand. What's usually a blur of arms and sticks suddenly becomes an intricate web of mid-air streaks and squiggles that only add to a drummer's performance.

Whisky-maker Ballentine paid for this awesome setup, and hired drummer Ben Mead to do his thing while technicians captured his performance. The 360-degree Matrix-like footage of him drumming is neat, but even his live performances with the sticks moving at full speed are impossible not to stare at in awe. [YouTube via The Awesomer]