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Go Sell Your Kidneys, Dell Has a 4K 30-Inch OLED Display

Illustration for article titled Go Sell Your Kidneys, Dell Has a 4K 30-Inch OLED Display

2016 might be the year of VR headsets and all, but some people still enjoy looking at regular screens. And the 30-inch, pro-level 4K OLED display Dell just announced looks like one hell of an upgrade.


The Ultrasharp 30 is a big deal because it brings together two already-wonderful display technologies: eyewatering 4K 3840-by-2160 resolution, and the high-contrast, deep black world of organic light-emitting diodes (OLED). The end result is a screen that aces color-replication tests, and should look face-meltingly good, if you’re ever able to afford it. You’re getting more than just a good panel though: there’s a USB-C port on board, so you can supply power and video to your laptop with one cable.

The new display is actually a bargain for 30-inch 4K panels: it’s only $5,000, whereas Sony’s equivalent runs $18,000. You’ve got a little time to go raid every piggy bank on the block, though, since launch is set for March 31st.


Image via Dell

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Corey Sandler

How would this compare to the iMac 27” Retina display for photo and video editing? (other than the obvious 4k vs 5k being more pixels)..not specs but real world color reproduction, refresh rate, angle of view, etc)