Godzilla Will Fill Your 8 Nights With Terror: Science Fictional Holiday Decorations

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This holiday season, deck the halls with boughs on stardust, pass out droid dreidels, and trim the tree with alien symbiotes. Here are the best holiday decorations and ornament starting with a Godzilla menorah.

Godzilla Menorah:
Did your menorah ever crawl out of the depths of the ocean to reek havoc on an unsuspecting city? I think not. This lovely zillanorah is available in the Chrismukka book, a guide for interfaith families.


DIY Star Wars Droidel:


StarWars.com has an adorable Star Wars Droidel Dreidel which is a tiny little R2 unit that you can make all on your own. Picture from Craft Zine.

Spider-Man Stained Glass:


Because Peter Parker has a much more interesting back story than most people you find in stained glass. And also, you can keep it up year round. The art is from Ron's Glass and I really don't know if you can purchase it, but I bet Ron would.

Santa Jack Skellington Ornament:


The Nightmare Before Christmas is becoming as standard for the season as the 24-hour marathon of The Christmas Story,. So even though some of us have a love-hate relationship with the movie, to overlook its adorable tree trimmings would be like having a sober Christmasm thus ending the tradition locking yourself in the basement clutching a sharpie and marked up old yearbooks to the sounds of screaming siblings up stairs. He said our love was forever! Ahem. The ornament is currently on sale at the Disney store for 5.99.



Also while you hang ornaments on your murdered Christmas tree take a moment to a second and remember to recycle because WALL-E demands it. WALL-E is available at the Disney store as well.

Talking Vader Stocking:


If you have this Talking Vader Stocking you will not be neglected by Santa — GUARANTEED. Plus, for a mere $20 shouldn't your stocking be the best Sith Lord of them all?



This ornament can also be displayed by stand, so people will know you are awesome year round. For Christmas, I would like my own Nathan Fillion, please.

Additional research by Elizabeth Weinbloom.