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Goldmund's Eidos 20 BD: The World's Most Overpriced Blu-Ray Player at $16,900

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Goldmund has just announced the Eidos 20 BD, a device that they claim is the first Blu-ray player from a high-end AV manufacturer. So, naturally, that makes it all right to slap a $16,000 price tag on it. Apparently, that premium price will score you an AC-Curator power supply circuit for improved picture and sound, a Mechanical Grounding construction that eliminates vibrations that can blur video and a Magnetic Damper that lowers reading errors. Sounds great, but I'll be saving that money to buy a car or put a down payment on a house, thank you very much. Press release after the break.

GOLDMUND INTRODUCES FIRST HIGH-END BLU-RAY PLAYER Priced at $16,900 The Eidos 20 BD Embodies Goldmund's Signature High-Tech Refinement Los Angeles, February 25, 2008: Goldmund, makers of the world's most extravagant and technologically advanced systems for audio-video purists, introduced today the company's first Blu-ray player, the Eidos 20 BD. With the announcement of the Eidos 20 BD, Goldmund becomes the first high-end audio/video manufacturer to issue a Blu-ray player. The Eidos 20 BD embodies the Goldmund high-tech refinement that has made the Swiss-based company a leader in the audiophile community for the last 30 years. Goldmund signature features found on the Eidos 20 BD include the "AC-Curator" power supply circuit which dramatically improves picture and sound stability and dynamics, and the "Mechanical Grounding" construction which removes from the player mechanism spurious vibrations blurring the video signal and increasing jitter. In addition, the new Eidos 20 BD uses the Goldmund "Magnetic Damper," a device lowering the reading errors, a feature that previously was exclusive to Goldmund's highest end devices. "As a result of last week's news in regards to the format wars, Goldmund decided to launch the Eidos 20 BD earlier than we had originally planned to capture the attention of the industry that believes in the superior technological merits of the Blu-ray format," said Michel Reverchon, president of Goldmund. "The Blu-ray player is the perfect addition to our Goldmund Media Room, which requires high-definition playback and is the pinnacle of technological excellence." Goldmund will begin taking orders for the Eidos 20 DB, which is priced at $16,900.