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Finally, we can all agree on something: the Air Force wants a holodeck. I want a holodeck. You want a holodeck. Luckily for us, the Air Force is a good party to have overlapping interests with, technology wise; they have the billions to do it, and according to a recent request for proposals, are now getting serious. Specifically, they want "petabyte command and control databases [that can] be visualized and controlled dynamically in 3-D," and they don't want it to suck. Namely, they want said holographic system to be bright, huge, have a great interactive interface, and be visible in 3-D with the naked eye. Watching a little too much TNG, guys? Noah at Danger Room compiles a few sources that say a lot of the holographic optics tech isn't that far off, surprisingly. Instant trips to Tahiti with giant palm-frond fans, here we come! [Air Force RFP via Danger Room]

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